The benefits of knowledge management


Provide easy access to relevant, timely, and accurate information to empower your employees to make better decisions. Whether they are working on complex processes or making critical decisions about their own career, informed employees make better decisions when they are armed with knowledge. 

Increase employee


Make access to

information easy

Empower employees to

make better decisions

Knowledge management features


Provide employees with the information and context they need to resolve cases with a centralized knowledge base.

 Provide important context to employees with notes documenting case history and allow agents to browse and search in the integrated knowledge base. Leverage a multi-source knowledge base providing containing timely articles, documents, or automatically generated emails. Support agents handling calls with pre-selected information based on IVR paths.

Enable quick discovery through search on unified UI.

Provide important context to employees with notes documenting case history, and allow agents to browse and search in the integrated knowledge base. Different types of search are supported for different tasks: quick search with free-text search, frequency-based search results, or latest news at the top.

Ensure privacy and security with role-based access policies.

With native integration to Active Directory, you can establish granular access policies for individuals and groups so that each employee can only view and edit appropriate data and information. Available content varies according to employee function, ensuring the information provided by the knowledge base is used properly.



Monitor activity and utilization with reporting and analytics to identify areas for improvement.

See which articles and data are viewed most often. Based on search results and article evaluations, content can be scored, providing editors with feedback on the quality of information delivered.



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