Functional Modules

Pre-built modules for a variety of use cases

Case Management

In complex processes, people need to collaborate across departments, often needing to touch multiple data sources. With automated workflows and connected systems, you can reduce process cycle times. Integrate case management with RPA to automate routine tasks.

Self-Service Portal

Provide always-on services to a variety of stakeholders with a self-service portal. From simply sharing information to opening cases, self-service can make stakeholder engagement easy and improve customer, citizen, or employee experiences.

Service Desk

Empower your teams to deliver superior service. Manage change and incidents, ensure business continuity, and meet SLAs with intelligent solutions that empower agents.



Document Management

Manage access, track approvals, automatically generate and share files with end-to-end document management functionality connected to other systems and apps.

Reporting and Analytics

Get insights into your business with powerful reporting and analytics. From prioritizing resources to identifying trends, data is critical to improving performance. Arm stakeholders with the data to make better decisions.

Knowledge Management

Provide easy access to relevant, timely, and accurate information to empower your employees to make better decisions. Whether they’re working on complex processes or making critical decisions about their own career, informed employees make better decisions when they are armed with knowledge.

Field Services

Optimize field services with automated processes, dynamic scheduling, and real-time reporting. Whether it’s people or equipment, internal employees or external contractors, managing resources more intelligently can improve customer satisfaction and employee engagement