FITS has extensive experience in implementing and supporting ERP systems to support the customer core business. The Oriana Low-Code Platform extends and expands the core application where the customer-specific process orchestration requirements are beyond the capabilities of the ERP framework.


Clarity Consulting is an IT and management consulting firm serving large enterprises. Clarity transformed its core competency in the public procurement processes to a comprehensive, repeatable, and market-changing workflow software solution with a short time-to-market approach.


Since 2003 Expertivity Technologies has delivered the best management practices and supporting technologies to the service and knowledge work sectors. Expertivity strongly endorses and promotes Oriana as an emerging technology to support case management processes as complementary to core applications.


Helix Consulting provides “classics” such as management consulting, and “innovative” services such as location-based data analysis and products to its clients. The Oriana Low-Code Platform is recommended for companies with complex operational environments in highly regulated industries, such as financial services.


Grepton delivers a wide range of application, data and software solutions for its customers on Microsoft and Oracle technology. The Oriana Low-Code Platform complements the application portfolio to support customers with complex decision and workflow management processes.


With more than 15 years of experience, Mortoff supports its customers on their digital transformation journey. Mortoff’s Project and Capacity management solution utilizes Oriana’s workflow and UI development framework.


Cerebra’s mission is to improve the competitive edge of the SMB segment by providing a comprehensive IT solution to support internal business processes. Cerebra’s Whitebox application uses Oriana as an OEM product with complementary software components to deliver a complete solution.


Aloha delivers an extensive portfolio of world-class IT brands. The Oriana Low-Code Platform is used to complement the capabilities of core systems by utilizing the process and task management features. This secures a more strategic position for Aloha within its customer base.