Get insights into your business with powerful reporting and analytics

From prioritizing resources to identifying trends, data is critical to improving performance. Arm stakeholders with the data to make better decisions.



Make smarter


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Establish a single source of truth for reporting by connecting multiple databases.

 With extensive integration options, access data from multiple source types for reports. Oriana supports any relational database, excel files, webservice connections, and more. Data aggregated using identifiers provides an overview from a variety of perspectives.

Measure KPIs to understand the performance of individuals, processes, and complete teams.

The Oriana engine logs all data changes enabling calculation of typical KPIs such as cycle times, resource requirements, and event frequency. Using SQL-based coding, it is also possible to calculate custom KPIs.

Monitor metrics in real-time to meet service level agreements.

SLA parameters such as reliability, availability, response time, and utilization, can be automatically calculated using data logged by Oriana’s engine or via interfaces. When parameter thresholds are reached, the engine can send alerts via multiple channels.

Discover trends easily with graphical view to identify gaps and plan resources.

Gain insights from metrics to manage workloads more efficiently. With dashboards and powerful analytics, you can identify performance bottlenecks and skills gaps to proactively address issues. Easily construct standard animated charts such as line, pie, column, and more to create dashboards. 



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