HR processes

Streamline HR processes to deliver services that empower employees

Make life easier for your employees with automated, digital HR processes. From simple inquiries to complex requests, streamline administration and engage with employees with case management, self-service, and knowledge management modules.

The benefits of automating HR processes

Engaged, productive employees

Increase access to information and services with automated processes.

Deliver services efficiently

Reduce the HR resources required to deliver services 

Gain insights for planning

Leverage reporting and analytics capabilities to see performance metrics. 

One Platform, various process optimization opportunities

Here are some examples of HR processes you can automate with us


Screening and pre-selection of candidates

Screening and sorting data

Tailored selection process


Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

Fully automated onboarding experience that includes hiring, equipping, and orienting new employees

Schedule and track separate HR processes, e.g. employee equipment, training, implementing company policies, personal networking

Compare onboarding processes and optimization

Structured & compliant offboarding processes

document management

Request Management 

Track requests and submissions

Streamline travel & expense management, working time & holiday tracking, work equipment and training requests etc.

Employee self-service to reduce manual processes

Performance Management 

Transform strategic goals into measurable tasks

Customizable goal setting and evaluation period tailored to company needs

Intelligent permission management engine that responds to personnel changes

Executive dashboard: progress report of goal achievement at company, team, and individual level

Skill Development Tracker



Training and Certification 

Structured internal training materials empowered with Exam function

Employee Profile linked to Corporate Skill Database

Supporting the entire life cycle of the training organization

Tracking of time sensitive licenses and reminder functionality

eLearning platform connector



National Railway Operator

HR Administration Extension

Self-service portal serving more than 25,000 employees for holiday administration and company-issued workwear. Integrated with multiple systems including SAP HR module, skills management, and inventory management.

Why Oriana?

Unified Solution for HR Services

Gain visibility and access to all your employee data in one system.

Easy Integration

The Oriana low-code platform relies on open standards to ensure easy integration with ERP, access management, and other third-party systems.

Flexible & Secure

Extend with new functionality as your business grows on a powerful low-code platform. Trust that employee data is secure.

Upgrade to a customized experience

with the Oriana Back-Office Suite

Extend your HR management solution with our pre-built back office applications,

or use our platform to build your own extensions with the help of low-code.

contract management

Oriana Contract Management

Oriana’s customizable contract management solution helps you optimize and automate task management, eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce administrative workload and keep key stakeholders informed about all processes.

procurement mangement

Oriana Procurement Management

Avoid unexpected costs by getting visibility and control over your complete procurement lifecycle. Easily customize your procurement management system to suit your needs.

workflow management

Oriana Workflow Management

Automate your company’s processes in a single system, identify obstacles to your daily business, eliminate data silos, and reduce manual tasks. The Oriana Workflow Management Software supports transparency and enables greater control of enterprise processes.

Oriana Low-Code Platform

Build apps faster and customize to suit your unique requirements. Oriana’s pre-packaged Blocks give you the power to construct fully functional apps in days that you can extend and scale out with Oriana Engine.

Get in touch today to see how Oriana can support your HR processes. 


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