Procurement Management

Source to pay on a low-code platform

Indirect procurement keeps your business going but can you keep track of all vendors, contracts, requests, and approvals? Or are you stuck using an expensive tool that can’t adapt to your unique needs? With Oriana’s Procurement Management you can automate and integrate all your indirect procurement activities end-to-end. Because it’s built on Oriana’s low-code platform you can quickly implement and easily customize your procurement system.

Avoid unexpected costs by getting visibility and control over your complete procurement lifecycle.

Easily customize your procurement management system to suit your needs.

Save time and money with automated procurement workflows.

procurement management

All sourcing processes supported by one system

With Oriana’s procurement management, you can create sourcing plans and events, manage RFxs and supplier price lists, and select and add suppliers. 

procurement management

Centralized Contract Management

Manage all your supplier contracts in one central repository. You can easily keep track of contract versions, make updates, create alerts for important dates.

procurement management

Requisitioning made easy

Create requisition workflows to match your approval processes within one system. Create catalogs of items for employees to choose from, streamlining your requisition process. Keep track of all requests and approvals with complete traceability and control. 

Streamline purchasing

Create purchase orders from contracts or tenders. Track purchase order statuses and supplier performance, register delivery documents. 

Reporting and planning

Set procurement plans and track progress against KPIs to identify improvement opportunities. Create reports integrating planning, contract, sourcing, requisitioning, and purchasing data. Oriana’s procurement management provides a unified view of all your procurement activities. 

Why Oriana?

procurement management

Unified, end-to-end procurement

Gain visibility and control over the complete procurement lifecycle in one tool with automated workflows and traceability. 

Easy integration

The Oriana low-code platform relies on open standards to ensure easy integration with ERP, access management, and other third-party systems. 

Flexible & Future-proof

Get started in weeks, not months of implementation. Extend with new functionality as your business grows on a powerful low-code platform. 

Procurement management on the Oriana Low-Code Platform

Oriana’s low-code platform features ready-made, functional modules and application blocks, empowering developers and process experts to create prototypes in days and complete solutions in weeks. Our solutions are extendible and flexible to grow as you grow. White label possibilities also exist for partners who wish to bring customized procurement solutions to the market through our ISV partnership model. 

See how the Oriana low-code platform can power your business!

Upgrade to a customized experience

with the Oriana Back-Office Suite

Extend your procurement management solution with our pre-built back office applications,

or use our platform to build your own extensions with the help of low-code.

contract management

Oriana Contract Management

Oriana’s customizable contract management solution helps you optimize and automate task management, eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce administrative workload and keep key stakeholders informed about all processes.

workflow management

Oriana Workflow Management

Automate your company’s processes in a single system, identify obstacles to your daily business, eliminate data silos, and reduce manual tasks. The Oriana Workflow Management Software supports transparency and enables greater control of enterprise processes.

Oriana Low-Code Platform

Build apps faster and customize to suit your unique requirements. Oriana’s pre-packaged Blocks give you the power to construct fully functional apps in days that you can extend and scale out with Oriana Engine.

Your trusted low code Partner

Explore an innovative suite of solutions that keeps-pace, integrates and scales-up in line with the demands of endlessly evolving businesses and processes across the globe.

Get in touch today to see how Oriana can support your procurement modernization needs. 


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