Oriana Workflow Software


Robust, digital process automation-ready workflow engine to create semaless digital experience


Key functions of the Oriana Workflow Software

Workflow and task management

All ongoing workflows, related tasks, responsibilities, and deadlines in a transparent view, reviewing the tasks of our own and our departments, managing privileges, workflow specific roles, automatic log of workflow steps, tracking deadlines, and sending notifications.

Information security

Keep information related to workflows safe, from attaching documents, generating documents, comments or work instructions, to managing participants.

Built-in reports

Create personalized dashboards to help you understand the effectiveness of your processes. Monitor the most important workflow factors from the average lead time of workflows to the average time users spend on workflow tasks.

Easy integration

The workflow system can be easily integrated into the customer’s existing IT environment, own ERP system, or third-party systems. Active Directory, Exchange server, robotic flow automation (RPA), email client, and other integrations are also feasible.

What processes are manageable with the Oriana Workflow Software?

Department-specific processes


Degrees, diplomas and courses management

Performance management

Request management


Hiring, selection process

Leave management

procurement management

Contact Center

Contact center optimization

Knowledge management

Request and approval management

Contract management

Customer onboarding

Work planning

Digital Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Project management

Resource management

Field work support

Tools management


Budget planning and management

Contract management

Invoicing and payments management

Procurement requests and management

Strategic procurement

Industry-specific processes

Energy and utilities

Investment expenditure planning

Network connection monitoring

Licence management

Contact management

Work planning

Maintenance management


Customer lifecycle management

Risk management and compliance

Credit approval process management

Manage credit card review processes

Claims management


Incident management

Quality management and audit

Preventive maintenance

Change management

Stock planning


Management of subcontractors

Public procurement

Records management

Tender management

Digital public services

Automate your company’s processes in a single system, identify obstacles to your daily business, eliminate data silos, and reduce manual tasks. The Oriana Workflow Management Software supports transparency and enables greater control of enterprise processes.

Drive effective collaboration across departments

with a powerful workflow software

Manage your core business processes in one system

workflow rendszer

Cross-departmental task management

The Oriana Workflow System is able to cover the entire back office operation, offering a modern IT solution for performing tasks in key areas of the company from HR to procurement.

Fast & efficient

With end-to-end process design and automated task management, the system ensures the optimization of business processes, cost-effective operation, and proper distribution of work.

Transparency and control over processes

The workflow system supports the standardization of processes and data, thereby transparency, analysis and greater control of enterprise processes.

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Scalable, future proof operations

Thanks to the extensibility and simplicity of low code, you can change or add functions to the system at any time, so the application can change and grow with the organization.

Upgrade to a customized experience

with the Oriana Back-Office Suite

Extend your workflow management solution with our pre-built back office applications,

or use our platform to build your own extensions with the help of low-code.

contract management

Oriana Contract Management

Oriana’s customizable contract management solution helps you optimize and automate task management, eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce administrative workload and keep key stakeholders informed about all processes.

procurement mangement

Oriana Procurement Management

Avoid unexpected costs by getting visibility and control over your complete procurement lifecycle. Easily customize your procurement management system to suit your needs.

Oriana Low-Code Platform

Build apps faster and customize to suit your unique requirements. Oriana’s pre-packaged Blocks give you the power to construct fully functional apps in days that you can extend and scale out with Oriana Engine.

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