Records management system

Records management system for private and state-owned enterprises, government organizations.

Streamline your records management processes

with a complex, workflow-based system


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Workflow-based records management system

Our workflow-based approach and automated task management make the records management processes more efficient and cost-effective and improve productivity.


Unified platform for managing core processes

Gain visibility and control over your company’s core processes in one tool. The records management solution can be scaled based on your organization’s needs, it can be complemented by contract, document, procurement, and case management modules.


User-friendly records management solution

User-friendly interfaces, easy navigation, automatic data loading and pre-defined templates make the work of the administrators’ easier.

More effective administration

Easier approval processes, quick and effective onboarding, transparent access management.

Easy integration

The records management system can be easily integrated with the customer’s IT environment, ERP system, or other third-party systems: e.g. Microsoft Share Point, Libra, Oracle, electronic signature, Hungarian Mail Services, Active Directory, Exchange Server, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Email Client.


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Smooth data migration

Oriana has a wide experience in data migration from other records management systems.

Upgrade to a customized experience

with the Oriana Back-Office Suite

Extend your records management solution with our pre-built back office applications,

or use our platform to build your own extensions with the help of low-code.

contract management

Oriana Contract Management

Oriana’s customizable contract management solution helps you optimize and automate task management, eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce administrative workload and keep key stakeholders informed about all processes.

procurement mangement

Oriana Procurement Management

Avoid unexpected costs by getting visibility and control over your complete procurement lifecycle. Easily customize your procurement management system to suit your needs.

workflow management

Oriana Workflow Management

Automate your company’s processes in a single system, identify obstacles to your daily business, eliminate data silos, and reduce manual tasks. The Oriana Workflow Management Software supports transparency and enables greater control of enterprise processes.

Oriana Low-Code Platform

Build apps faster and customize to suit your unique requirements. Oriana’s pre-packaged Blocks give you the power to construct fully functional apps in days that you can extend and scale out with Oriana Engine.

Why Oriana

Quick & easy customization

Oriana’s low-code platform features ready-made, functional modules and application blocks, empowering developers and process experts to create prototypes in days and complete solutions in weeks.

Built for case management & back-office administration

The Oriana Low-Code Platform is optimized to deliver case management & back-office administration solutions offering end-end digital process automation possibilities.

Flexible and future-proof solution

Get started in weeks, not months of implementation. Extend with new functionality as your business grows on a powerful low-code platform.

Records management system

on the Oriana Low-Code Platform

We have been helping organizations in the private and public sectors solve their most complex Digital Process Automation (DPA) challenges and transform their businesses since 2002. Early on in our journey, we discovered the power of low-code technology to accelerate the design, development, and deployment of software solutions. Our ever-expanding content library serves simple to complex digital process use-cases. Today, enterprises, government agencies, custom development firms, and independent software vendors rely on the Oriana Low-Code platform.

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