General use cases

Develop customized software solutions for your unique needs with the help of the uses cases built on the Oriana platform.  The pre-designed application blocks save you a huge amount of effort and resources, Oriana enables you to scale securely, while growing your catalog of business processes.

low code felhasználási esetek



Employee onboarding

Request management

Performance management

Training and certification

procurement management

Contact Center

Contact center optimization

Knowledge management

Request management

Contract management

Customer onboarding


Digital Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Project management

Resources management

Field work support

Asset management


Strategic sourcing

Contract management

Requisitioning & Purchasing

Invoicing & Payments

Spend Analysis & Budget

Industry-specific use cases

With our industry-specific use cases, building a customized application looks easy and takes no more than a few hours. Develop solutions customized for your specific needs using our pre-designed blocks covering complex and unique business processes. 

low code use cases

Energy and utilities

Investment planning

Monitoring network connections

Approval processes

Permit management

Resource planning

Asset maintenance 

Financial Services

Customer lifecycle management

Risk & compliance management 

Credit approval management

Manage credit card review processes

Claims management


Incident management

Quality & audit management

Preventive maintenance

Change management

Inventory management

Public sector

Subcontractor management

Public procurement

Records management

Tender management

Digital public services

Why Oriana?

Accelerated ROI

Ready to go, your business can be up and running within weeks. Ensuring all processes are streamlined and all employees are following workflows defined by you to help drive cost efficiencies. 

Improved compliance

Ensure transparency by using a consistent approach while logging all data in the background. Full data traceability is assured for reviews and audit requirements. 

Flexible & Future-proofed

With the extendibility and ease of low-code, new features and functions can be added as your business grows. Get started with ease and build out as you go. Offering the ideal compromise between buy vs build. 

Get in touch today and see how the Oriana use cases could benefit your organization.