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Innovation is the driving force behind Oriana, enabling the company to constantly evolve. This ethos is visible throughout Oriana and demonstrated across all aspects of our solution offerings. Today, enterprises, government agencies, custom development firms, and independent software vendors rely on the Oriana Low-Code platform.

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Why Work For us?

József Püschl

Senior Developer

“Since I started my career as a programmer I knew the future of coding and software development was building application based components without a heavy programming knowledge required. When I was informed that Oriana is focused on developing and creating this platform I knew it was something for me.. Also, I have to admit, I like how we are supporting each other for the best outcome possible.”

Janka Németh

Business Analyst

“As a Business Analyst, I am the most motivated when I receive a constructive feedback from a client. It makes me happy to see how satisfied they are and that they see the potential value of our work after a demo. My job is really colourful, and there are loads of opportunities to learn and develop personally.”

Gergő Gulyás

Team Lead

“I have joined Oriana in 2017 as a developer. Now I am leading a software delivery team as a Team Lead. I really like the social events and activities which are really important for us.  With the Oriana community we also watched Word Champion Leagues and European leagues matches along with a Tipmix betting and of course BEER! For me the community is the most motivating element.”