The benefits of case management

Connect people, processes, and data with automated workflows

In complex processes, people need to collaborate across departments, often needing to touch multiple data sources. With automated workflows and connected systems, you can reduce process cycle times. Integrate case management with RPA to automate routine tasks.

Design smarter




Make processes


Case management features

Design workflows with embedded decision logic for complex processes.


With Oriana Studio, process experts can optimize how business is done. Use industry standard notation in Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 to define workflows. Integrate with other systems to break down data silos. Automate approvals with pre-defined business rules to ensure cases move quickly through workflows.

Empower agents with natively integrated knowledge base.

Provide important context to employees with notes documenting case history and allow agents to browse and search in the integrated knowledge base.

document management

Integrate with RPA functionality to automate routine tasks.

For repetitive, low-value tasks, Oriana features a native integration with RPA leader UIPath, improving the speed and accuracy of tasks. For other RPA technologies, Oriana supports standard integrations via REST API and Webservices.

Balance agent workloads with reporting and analytics.

Gain insights from metrics to manage workloads more efficiently. With dashboards and powerful analytics, you can identify performance bottlenecks and skills gaps to proactively address issues.



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