Procurement contract management: a critical, but often overlooked function

Feb 12, 2024 | Blog

Procurement contract management is the kind of thing you never really think about until something goes wrong. At the center of every successful procurement transaction lies a contract. These are legally binding agreements that serve as the cornerstone of buyer-seller relationships. Getting them right and building efficient processes around them is a must to drive efficiency, reduce risks, and elevate the procurement process to new heights. 

In this blog post, we talk about ways to improve contract management for an efficient and risk-free procurement process.


The consequences of neglecting contract management

A poorly run contract management process can trigger an avalanche of adverse consequences. It increases the risk of legal disputes, financial losses, and damaged business relationships. Neglected contracts often lead to missed renewal dates, thereby exposing organizations to possible penalties and service disruptions.

Failing to address confidentiality and compliance concerns may unintentionally reveal sensitive data, resulting in regulatory breaches. Overall, inadequate contract management poses a substantial threat to a company’s reputation and survival.

To mitigate these risks, let’s explore strategies for enhancing procurement contract processes, ensuring smoother workflows, without any unwelcome surprises.

procurement contract management

1. Make sure to keep your procurement contracts secure

Underestimating the security aspect of sensitive information within procurement-related contracts is a common yet critical mistake that exposes companies to significant vulnerabilities. While many organizations rightly prioritize safeguarding email communications and internal resources, contract security is often taken lightly, resulting in far-reaching consequences. This neglect places confidential data at risk. 

Today, security must be an essential part of contract management to combat external threats like data breaches and internal hazards, including unauthorized contract access. Addressing these multifaceted challenges demands a holistic approach involving technical measures and operational diligence. Safeguarding procurement-related contracts is based on ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access, thereby converting contract security into a pivotal compliance asset for the entire organization.


2. Streamline processes by digitalizing as much as you can

While paper-based contracts still exist, paper-based contract management belongs to a past era. This outdated approach is slow, chaotic, and susceptible to errors, often making the day-to-day work experience less pleasant for everyone involved. 

A more effective approach to contract management involves taking a comprehensive look at the process and pinpointing every area that we can digitalize. This transformation not only saves time but also reduces long-term costs by eliminating manual processes and allowing employees to channel their efforts into more meaningful tasks, so there’s no pressing need to boost your headcount. Moreover, it enhances security by eradicating human error and adding extra layers of protection with functions like access control and encryption, creating a more efficient and reliable contract management system.


3. Build scalable, customizable processes by leveraging new technologies 

Achieving scalable and adaptable processes has become more accessible thanks to innovative technologies like low-code software. Low-code solutions offer the flexibility to customize the contract renewal process to precisely match the team’s requirements, leading to significant improvements.

These solutions not only save time with their intuitive interfaces but also streamline contract security by automating crucial functions, allowing the team to always remain up-to-date on contract details and never miss a deadline. 

Oriana’s comprehensive procurement management functionalities cover a wide range of contract-related needs, including 

  • Centralized contract management 
  • Contract version control
  • Purchase order creation
  • Detailed contract report generation

And other, user-configurable functions, making it a one-stop solution for effective and secure contract management.


You can no longer afford to overlook procurement contract management

Procurement contract management often resides in the background until trouble strikes. Neglecting contract management can trigger a plethora of adverse outcomes, including missed renewal dates, legal disputes, financial losses, and damaged relationships. 

In a digital age, embracing modern processes and technologies like low-code solutions opens the door to scalability and customization, and enables teams to reach a new level of procurement efficiency. 


To learn more about how to master indirect procurement, watch our on-demand webinar.