Back office automation might seem draining, we know.
What would you say to a solution that would cover all your back office processes?

Unified platform for back office management


Build a bridge between your back office functions


HR Management

Make life easier for your employees with automated, digital HR processes. From simple inquiries to complex requests, streamline administration and engage with employees with our back office management platform.

Procurement Management

Avoid unexpected costs by getting visibility and control over your complete procurement lifecycle. Easily customize your procurement management system to suit your needs.

Workflow Management

Automate your company’s processes in a single system, identify obstacles to your daily business, eliminate data silos, and reduce manual tasks. The Oriana Workflow Management Software supports transparency and enables greater control of enterprise processes.

Contract Management

Oriana’s customizable contract management solution helps you optimize and automate task management, eliminate repetitive tasks, reduce administrative workload and keep key stakeholders informed about all processes.

Why choose the Oriana Back office management platform

As a Customer

Unified back office management system for all your processes from contract management to procurement 

Easy dashboard creation and reporting for different departments

Graphical interface to monitor your workflows

As a Reseller

One unified solution that covers all back office processes

Land & Expand strategy

Cross-selling opportunity

Our Back Office Management Solutions

Choose from our solutions depending on your company’s needs, however, you can choose to acquire our platform

Request a personalised demo showcasing all the back office management functions important for your company. 

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