Rebalancing Your IT Budget in the Pandemic Recession

The Case for Low Code in 2021

6 tactics to recession-proof your IT budget: What businesses must do to prepare for 2021

In the current business climate, organizations find themselves in three modes—survival, adaptation, or growth. And depending on your situation, you’ll need to rethink your IT budget.

This eBook proposes several savings tactics and introduces an approach to help application development and delivery teams deliver more with less.

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Why read this ebook?

Read the eBook to learn where and how to make savings and discover why “Prescriptive Low-Code” should be part of your agility plan in these challenging times.


Key topics


  • Why one size does not fit all in 20/21
  • Six different saving tactics to explore
  • Prescriptive low-code — what is it, and how can it help?