Financial Services

Customer lifecycle management for complex, high-touch cases

Connect multiple departments and systems to deliver a seamless experience throughout the customer lifecycle. Manage contracts and services more efficiently and proactively respond to inquiries and issues with Oriana’s case management, knowledge management, and self-service modules.

Better customer experiences

Increase revenue with increased customer satisfaction and higher retention.

Operational efficiency

Reduce costs and increase service with automated processes and improved back office administration.

Better visibility

Get a 360 degree view of customers across systems and departments.

Customer lifecycle management in financial services

Retail Bank

CRM extension for custom functionality

Process digitalization according to local regulations and internal process guidelines. Supported with document management and creation modules.

Customer lifecycle management solutions

Case Management

Design workflows with embedded decision logic for complex processes.

Leverage automated task creation based on workflow triggers.

Empower agents with natively integrated knowledge base.

Balance agent workloads with reporting and analytics.

Integrate with RPA functionality to automate routine tasks.

Knowledge Management

Provide agents with the information and context they need to resolve cases with a centralized knowledge base.

Enable quick discovery through search on unified UI.

Ensure employees only view the appropriate data with role-based access policies.

Monitor activity and utilization with reporting and analytics to identify areas for improvement.

Self-Service Portal

Provide users with easy-to-use interface to submit requests, check case status, and provide feedback.

Automatically create cases and tasks from user-triggered events.

Share and update information by connecting to knowledge base.

Personalize experience according to user profiles.


Reporting and Analytics

Establish a single source of truth for reporting by connecting multiple databases.

Measure KPIs to understand the performance of individuals, processes, and complete teams.

Monitor metrics in real-time to meet service level agreements.

Discover trends easily with a graphical view to identify gaps and plan resources.


Make the most out of your customer lifecycle management processes.

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